Are Porn Games Going Mainstream?

The gaming industry is a multimillion-dollar venture. On a global level, gaming consoles and their accompanying games dominate and drive markets. But like all mainstream success stories, the porn industry commonly finds a way to creep into the lexicon.


Porn games are hot. But who came first? The porn industry creating porn games, or mainstream developers creating porn games?


The chicken, or the egg?


Everyone has an opinion over whether or not porn games are a reaction to a hot mainstream gaming industry, or if mainstream game developers pushed the envelope into porn games. When we look at the evidence, we see a lot of mainstream games that commonly cross the line. Cyberpunk 2077 sex scenes are a raging hot Internet search. In fact, video game sex scenes are something of Internet lore.


In this way, porn games rode the coattails of mainstream gaming companies who pushed the line year after year. Whether it was GTA, or Cyberpunk 2077, or The Witcher, game developers understood their audiences wanted some sex and violence. But mainstream games who push sexual imagery and narratives in their storylines remain insulated under “R-rated” mainstream gaming. Whereas these new porn game sites don’t try to hide what they are. That said, there are definitely some differences.


Mainstream games tend to feature sex game content, whereas many porn games focus solely on XXX experiences. In other words, the porn in porn games isn’t intermittent. At least, by and large, that’s the case.


As it stands, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping mainstream games from pushing XXX content. And because of this, we fully expect that mainstream gaming and porn gaming will continue to heavily flirt with one another. But there will always be a dividing line between mainstream and porn game content. Porn game sites will continue to aggressively market as porn games. Whereas mainstream game developers market as “it’s there, but it’s not the entire thing.”


Porn Game Acceptance Theory


One thing that’s driving the rise of porn games is the mass’s accepting XXX content in their games.


As mainstream game developers continue to push the porn envelope, people get more used to the idea. The leap from mainstream game with XXX content to full-on porn game isn’t much of a leap at all. It’s a hope, maybe a skip, but definitely not a jump away. If you play GTA, you experience virtual porn game sex on your big screen TV. After that, does it really feel all that bizarre to play a game on a porn game site?


Probably not.


People are batting their eyes much less as porn game content. The biggest hurdle for porn games now is that they don’t hide what they are. Its porn and it is in your face. And they don’t care what you think about it.


Mainstream games, on the other hand, reside in some insulation so they aren’t full-on porn game experiences.


But one thing is for certain, porn games will continue to surge in popularity.