Suspended in latex

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To punish me for embarrassing her in front of her friends my girl tied me to the chair and made me wear her dress while she went out clubbing. She didn't mention she would put these headphones on me that played the sound of my own moans too...
Being forced to spunk in bondage & latex by a fuck machine [OC]
Lady GF lady playing in a Vacbed [OC]
So tight i can taste it
My girlfriend caught me trying to steal the keys to chastity cell while she was sleeping, so now every night before sleeping she makes I'm nice and secure in bed
Bound on a hitachi in latex bondage! (blinding lenses)
I love bitch training with this cock gag [OC] [F]
Pick your favorite
My gf likes to tie me up and edge me. She says seeing how desperate I get when she stops touching me turns her on...
Cuffed and facefucked in rubber