My booty is too small, but another boy boyfriend lover would still tell me to get on top, right?

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I dont care if Im your friends wife would you still fuck me like this? I love it rough
My ex never let me sit on his face, would you let me ride yours or am I too big
My ass is too phat not to let a bull destroy me tonight while hubby watches
Flying out to see my BF and leaving husband at home
I thought Id feel bad about cheating but the truth is I think my sleazy body deserves to be shared
Would you still creampie me even after telling you Im not on birth control ?
Just a horny cheating ex-wife
I'm inviting another hubby boy dude to eat me as long as he like on this Christmas
One night stand or something more ? What you do ?
Wyd if I sent you this while your wife is next to you?